Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 24

I am currently making a bargello quilt for my grandmother. I decided to create the Surf Song Wall Hanging from "Twist-and-Turn Bargello Quilts" pictured below. However, I decided to cut the strips 
2 1/2" instead of 1 1/2" and used a single strip set for the vertical length instead of 2.

This is my fabric map for the bargello.

This is a portion of the strip set prior to completion and crosscutting.

Here are the strips laid out, ready to be sewn together.

This is the current state of the bargello. I'm going to add another turquoise border 3 1/2" wide before I start pinning.

This is the Robert Kaufmn Satinesque Stripe fabric I chose for the backing. It's not a batik, but I decided not to hold that against it, since it is such a pretty color.

So far I've completed two animals of the sample zoo quilt for Quilts Ole.

The Jacob's Ladder quilt for Sophia Madison Casuga is completed. Now I only need to get ahold of her mother to pass this quilt along before I decide to keep it!

My "Shepherds Abiding" is complete, including kits and instructions ready for "Christmas in July" at Quilts Ole.

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