Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4

I finished binding "Running Spikes".

Here's a quilting idea I saw perusing magazines at the grocery store. 

I'm working on the New Mexico Quilters Association Challenge. It must be less than 2' x 3', have at least 2 batik fabrics, and go along with an "Enchanted New Mexico" theme. Right now, it looks like brown toxic ooze. I promise it is going to look like Signature Rock within a month. Plan B is putting a whole lot of foliage on the bottom.

Four blocks left to go on the zoo quilt, including this lion.

This is a bargello in the making.

This is my chart for the bargello.

This is my palette from which to select beautiful fabrics for a secret project, coming at the end of this year!

Block #3 has been cut. Block #2 has been skipped, for now.

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